Positive affirmations don’t work?!

Video Transcription:

You always hear from life coaches and business coaches like me that optimism is key to success, but based on positive psychology, as I've repeatedly told you, we have realistic optimism and unrealistic optimism.

What does that mean? Realistic optimism is saying: "I'm optimistic about the future; I know I will succeed based on the behaviors that I show, based on the effort that I put in, I will set goals and make plans and take on the right strategies to make success happen for me." That's realistic optimism, and it is very empowering and motivational and will usually lead to success.

On the contrary, we have unrealistic optimism which is all about saying “I will be successful not necessarily because of the behaviors that I show, or the efforts that I put in, but because of something that is outside of my control. For example, I will be successful because I'm smart! I will be...

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