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Who is Shahab Anari?

Shahab Anari is an experienced leader in the professional coaching industry, renowned for his unwavering commitment to providing world-class coaching education to individuals and organizations alike. As the driving force behind a range of services, including his ICF-accredited coach-training program, he has become a hub for excellence in the field.

Over the course of the past 25+ years, Shahab has left his mark on the lives of more than 3 million people in 21 countries. He has garnered a reputation among his students and clients for his evidence-based methodology, ethical conduct, and unparalleled service.

Shahab's achievements are nothing short of exceptional, both nationally and internationally. He secured the #1 ranking in Iran's nationwide University Entrance Exam in 1997, reflecting his dedication to academic excellence. He was also named a Top 25 Canadian Immigrant in 2020, a fitting tribute to his contributions to Canadian society. In 2021, he achieved a GUINNESS WORLD RECORD in the publishing industry, a testament to his visionary approach to business.

With a stellar reputation in the industry, Shahab has shared the stage with some of the most legendary speakers of our time, including Tony Robbins, Deepak Chopra, Robert Kiyosaki, Jack Canfield, and Brian Tracy. His captivating speaking style and unique insights have earned him a large social media following, making him a thought leader and influencer in his field.

Despite his many accomplishments, Shahab remains deeply committed to giving back. He takes pride in volunteering for his favorite associations, having served on the board of ICF (International Coaching Federation) Toronto and the board of CAPS (Canadian Association for Professional Speakers) Toronto.

Shahab resides in Toronto, Canada, with his beloved wife and two sons.

For speaking opportunities, collaborations, events, and business development, please email [email protected].

"Shahab is a great resource for entrepreneurs. I love working with him."

Jack Canfield

"Shahab Anari is one of the world's top speakers and thought leaders."

Brian Tracy

"Dr. Anari is one of the top Canadian leaders. "

Deepak Chopra

"Shahab is a joy to work with."

Robert Kiyosaki

Dr. Shahab Anari has reached 3+ million people over the past 25 years.

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Coaching and Training

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Dr. Shahab speaks at 120+ events globally every year.

In-person and Online

"Your speech, great personality and positive energy brought to the symposium were beyond anyone's expectation. I had received many calls thanking me for inviting you. I can imagine just how many compliments you received as well."

Dr. Reza Parsanezhad
SIPQ Conference Producer

"Shahab's keynote was stellar. Professionally delivered!"

Christine Quach
GTA Rewards, Toronto

"Shahab is an excellent, insightful and inspiring business coach. A consummate professional, he is constantly looking out for the best outcome for his clients, providing quality, and always in an atmosphere of complete respect and consideration. I would highly recommend Shahab to anyone sending to take their business to the next level.."

Gisele McDiarmid
Relationship Coach

"Shahab's energy and passion for coaching are a driver in helping entrepreneurs succeed. As an entrepreneur, I am so involved in the day to day of my business that I lost perspective and the sight of the bigger picture. Shahab is great at refocusing you and has plenty of tools to help you prioritize and focus on what's crucial to the success of your business."

Anne Flamant
Marketing Expert

Praised by World Leaders

Dr. Shahab has received messages from Canada's Prime Minister Trudeau, Ontario Premiere Doug Ford, Toronto Mayor John Tory, President Khatami of Iran, and lots of other dignitaries for his events, achievements and services.

Shahab is also the co-founder of North Star Success Inc., a world-class publishing agency in Toronto, with clients from all over the world.

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