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Dr. Shahab Anari is an experienced professional speaker who speaks at 120+ events per year internationally.

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Dr. Shahab has delivered this program to entrepreneurs, business owners, salespeople,  front-line staff, students and their-parents, and immigrants 

Based on scientific research and real-life stories that make the audience think, laugh and cry, Dr. Shahab shares his popular keynote about the 7 levels of mental resilience.

The audience will learn about:

  • anabolic and catabolic energies in their thoughts, emotions, and behavior
  • the four mental blocks that are causing them to feel stressed, be overwhelmed, and under perform.
  • the unique 7-lens methodology that can get them engaged, productive, and back on track FAST.


Dr. Shahab has delivered this program to business professionals such as coaches, consultants, graphic designers, interior designers, architects, realtors, mortgage brokers, lawyers, accountants, and other subject matter experts.

It's one thing to be an expert in something.
It's another thing to be the well-known highly-paid expert in something.

After 20+ years of trial and error as a business professional in three different countries, Shahab has developed his proprietary Personal Branding methodology to build a brand, get more clients, and make more impact. He will share the exact strategies that the most successful personal brands have used to gain tremendous visibility, credibility, and profitability during the past few years.

  • The audience will learn:
    the two key actions that make the difference between a struggling business professional and a successful personal brand
  • the three pillars of a strong personal brand (and how the best brands are utilizing them)
  • the six proven tools to gain credibility in the market (and how to acquire them fast)

Shahab has shared the stage with so many legends

All programs can be delivered as keynote or training; both in-person and virtually.


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