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One-to-One Coaching 

Dr. Shahab is a certified professional coach who sits on the board of ICF (International Coaching Federation) Toronto chapter. 

He can help you if:

  • you are stuck, lost, or confused and need help to make decisions in your life and business
  • you want to clarify your brand, boost your marketing and sales, and get more customers/clients.
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Publishing Services 


Ever wanted to write and publish your book? Shahab is the co-founder of North Star Success Inc., a world-class publishing agency in Toronto with clients from 21 different countries.

Check out North Star Success if you plan to become a published author (whole book, or just one chapter).


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ICF-Accredited Coach Training 


Ever wanted to become a professional coach? Shahab is the founder of an ICF-accredited level 2 coach-training program. Upon graduation, students become certified professional coaches and can go on to receive their PCC from ICF. 


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"Shahab is an excellent coach. I learned so much about myself and my thought processes. I believe that I was able to learn so much about myself because Shahab actively listens to me, even quoting some things that I said in previous sessions. I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated working with you. Thank you Shahab for working with me."

Dennison Harcharan
Finance Manager at Tropicana Community Services

"Working with Shahab was really one of my best experiences ever. Shahab helped me to recognize lots of issues I had regarding promoting my personal and business brands and expanding my business, especially on the online marketing sides. His methodology helped to solve most of the main issues I faced during the establishment of my business. As a result, I've found remarkable confidence and now I know how to expand my business properly. Thank you Shahab..... "

Nima Mokhtarzadeh
Entrepreneur, Founder of Coromark

"My business grew by 250% in the 6 months I worked with Shahab."

Moe Asgarian
Realtor, Broker

"I'd like to thank Shahab from North Star Success for his continuous support and dedication to his clients. I’ve worked with lots of business coaches and trainers, but none of them have been able to help me get focused and grow my business like Shahab. Through his training and coaching, I’ve been able to find the right direction, get more clients, and establish a thriving coaching business. He has helped me clarify my niche, my unique methodology, my marketing funnel, my sales strategy, and much more. I’ve also made a lot of valuable business connections by working with him, and I have noticed an increase in the number of my Instagram followers as well. Whenever I’ve had the honor to speak at his events (in-person and online), lots of people have reached out to me afterwards. Shahab is the best mentor I know for coaches, and he has always shown that he puts people ahead of profit. "

Sara Eahimi
Relationship Coach, Author, Speaker

"As an entrepreneur who has been in multiple businesses internationally, I have benefited from working with Shahab tremendously. I’ve used his training courses, speaking opportunities (seminars, conferences, webinars), networking events, and book packages, and I can definitely say he delivers on his promises. Working with him has provided me with great visibility and also access to his wonderful network of like-minded people. I have been able to update my marketing strategies, grow my business, expand my network, and build a much stronger brand through working with Shahab."

Sina Dejnabadi
Entrepreneur, LifeStyle Coach

"It is my honor to write this for Dr. Shahab Anari. Before Shahab, I had no idea how to start my business. I had been an accountant for over 10 years, but I didn't want to be an employee anymore. I attended Shahab's seminar and registered for one of his courses. What he taught me totally changed my life and opened my eyes to the new business world. Within 4 months, I grew my business considerably and I can’t believe how his guidance has accelerated my growth. Shahab is always supportive, and I’ve made a lot of valuable business connections by working with him."

Atieh Javaheri
Owner at Magic Accounting & Tax Services

"Shahab is not only a great coach and professional but also a phenomenal human being. When working with Shahab, you know that he is in your corner. Mr. Anari goes beyond his call of duty to ensure your success. Through his assistance, I was able to rebrand my business, provide online summits with some leading industry experts, and co-authored a book with Brian Tracy. Our discussions and brainstorming sessions allowed for my big-picture goals. I would recommend Shahab to anyone who would want to explore their personal brand and take their business to a new level. "

Arthur Smolarkiewicz MBA, CPA, CMA
Business Strategist

"Shahab has high levels of integrity and a win-win outlook towards relationships. In business, he is committed to observing professionalism. I like the fact that he walks the talk. He offers practical tools to business owners to take their business to the next level. Personally, I got tones of clarity from his coaching and good exposure from being part of his events both as a media partner and as a speaker. He has built a community of business owners and is generous when it comes to serving others."

Mara Aalipour
Co-founder of Smartshot

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