Personal Branding for Coaches with William Arruda

Dr. Shahab Anari talks with William Arruda, the leading authority on personal branding in the world, about how coaches can build their brands and get more clients. William has been credited with turning the concept of personal branding into a global industry and has delivered learning experiences for many of the world’s most revered brands, including; American Express, BP, Google, Gucci, LinkedIn and Microsoft. He’s a bestselling author of Digital YOU, Career Distinction and Ditch. Dare. Do! He’s also a senior contributor to Forbes, where his column has received over 16 million views.

We discussed:

1. “What makes you unique makes you successful.” What’s wrong with fitting in?
2. A lot of people have objections to the idea of personal branding (I don’t want to shamelessly promote myself / I’m not a product / I want to stay humble / You become a target by standing out/ I don’t want to repel people). What do you say to these people?
3. The three E’s formula of personal branding
4. Where do coaches mess up in their marketing and sales?
5. How do you use AI for branding and marketing?

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