A Simple Hack to Live Longer

Our body is constantly changing. In fact, at this very moment, a number of cells in our body are being destroyed and a number of new cells are replacing them. The rate of cell replacement also varies. For example, our taste buds live only a few hours. Our white blood cells survive for about ten days, our muscle cells live for about three months, and even our bone cells are replaced from time to time. Years ago, I trained as a medical doctor. When I was studying, we were told that when brain cells were destroyed, they would be gone forever. However, today, we know that even brain cells are replaced, and this process continues for the rest of our lives. 

Research by scientists show us that about one percent of our total body cells are replaced every day, and if you think about it, almost 30 percent of our total body is renewed every monthIn other wordsevery 90 daysalmost all the cells of our body are replaced. Maybe that's why psychologists say it takes about 90 to 100 days to develop a new habit or lifestyle! 

Now, the interesting thing is that a number of factors are influencing the pace of this cell replacementwhich affect the speed of cell destruction and growth. For example, physical activity can increase and improve the rate of cell growth and replacement, in other words, physical movement, physical activity and exercise can prolong our life! 

On the other hand, scientific research has shown us that positive emotions also affect the process of cell replacement and growth! Scientists like Dr. Barbara Frederickson prove to us that positive emotions such as happiness, joygratitude and others can improve the rate of cell replacement and growth. In other words, positive emotions can prolong our lives! 


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