You FEAR it might be difficult, DO THIS

If you have a goal but whenever you start working toward it, you stop because you think it's too hard and I'm not ready to invest the time, energy and effort in it, this video is for you. It makes sense. Making a change is always difficult. You have this goal, maybe you want to start a business, you want to move to a new country, maybe you want to go for that competition, but you think it's too difficult. I'm not ready to invest the time, energy and money yet.

But I'm here to tell you this. You have two alternative paths. You have two choices and both of them will be painful and difficult. Let me explain. For example, you want to start that business. The first alternative is for you to not make that change, not go after that dream and stay in your current job. That will be painful. Why? Because initially when you thought about starting that business, it was because you didn't want to stay in that corporate job. You didn't like it. You wanted to make that change. You want to start some better life. That will be painful.

Let me give you another example. You want to move to another country. It will be difficult, you bet, but the first alternative is for you to stay where you're living right now. It will be difficult, it will be painful because initially what made you think of moving to a new country was because you didn't like it there or at least you wanted to create a better future for yourself in a different country, right? Does that make sense? So the first alternative will be painful and difficult. And remember, it will be a long-term pain and difficulty as long as you stay in that situation. It will stay painful and difficult.

But the second alternative. You eventually decide to make that change. You eventually decide to start that business to move to that country. It will be difficult. The first couple of months, years, maybe a few years, it will be difficult. But the thing is that will be a short-term, temporary pain and difficulty which will eventually end up in something more beautiful,

Now my question to you is, which pain and difficulty do you want to focus on? Which one do you want to choose? They both will be painful and difficult as you can see, but which kind of pain and difficulty do you want to choose?


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