Support Groups Keep You Motivated

On your journey towards your dreams, sometimes you lose motivation. You have put in the work and invested the time, energy and effort to reach your goals, but you're not seeing the results. You lose your momentum, you feel lethargic and stuck. 

It makes sense. Success is not a straight line. You go through ups and downs, peaks and valleys before you see the first glimpse of success.


What can you do about it? Find a support group. You don't have to do it alone. Find a  group of people who are like-minded, non-judgmental, and positive. People who lift you up when you fall down, and cheer you on when you're making progress. Find that tribe.

Some of you are blessed to have those people around you. For example: family members or good friends who are there for you when you badly need them. Be grateful because a lot of people don't have that blessing. But some of you don't have those people around you. Your family members or your close friends are not that supportive. What can you do about it? Maybe you can find such a community elsewhere. Go search for groups of people who are trying to achieve similar things to you. You can be there for them, they can be here for you, and together you can grow and achieve your goals.


However, I know sometimes you want to find such a community but it's not just there, and in those cases, why don't you think about it this way? Maybe YOU are supposed to be the leader who starts such a group. Maybe YOU are destined to be that individual who brings people together so that they can make the difference that they were born to make.

Step up. Be the leader.


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