Keep going. It will all make sense

If you have been trying hard to achieve your goals for a while, but you are not achieving the desired result, this email is for you.

(If this is not you, you might know somebody who is like this. Please forward this message to them. They will thank you for how thoughtful you are!)


Dear friend! You have been putting in the time, effort and energy every single day, but the results aren’t there. Sometimes you doubt yourself: "Maybe this is the wrong goal? Am I fooling myself?"

You may see competitors stronger than you, or peers who are farther ahead than you. You feel: “Wow! I’m so far behind.” "Do I have the ability at all?" And all these doubts zap your motivation, willpower and energy. You know what? You have every right to feel that way: The path to meaningful success is not easy at all.

I’d like to invite you to try a different approach: Think of people who have had tragic events in their lives. You might know some of them; maybe you have heard their stories. For example, children who were sent as sex slaves to other countries; people who lost their entire families in a plane crash or earthquake; people who were betrayed by their business partners and then went bankrupt, etc.

When those among them who have survived these tragic incidents look back at their life, they find some kind of wisdom in it. When five years, ten years or twenty years later, they look back, they find a meaning in all the struggles.

Now I’d like you to think about YOUR future: when you eventually reach your goals after all these struggles. It may be two years from now; it might be ten years from now. Doesn’t matter. Think about how you will have a story that will inspire others. You will become a role model for many!

That’s why you need to keep going.! All this will make sense later.


I know it's hard now. I know you may doubt yourself. I know you fear it may not work at all. But remember: Five years from now, ten years from now, it will all make sense!


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