Increase your life expectancy by 19%

Today, I want to share with you something that is scientifically proven to increase your life expectancy by 19%: optimism. Since old days, most of us have been told to be optimistic. But what does optimism actually mean?

Pessimists are those who, in the face of difficulties, say, “This problem is going to affect all areas of my life, it is permanent, and it is out of control.” In contrast, the optimists are those who, in the same situation, would say, “This problem is limited in scope, it is controllable, and it is temporary.”

The scientists at Mayo Clinic in Minnesota have worked on this issue and shown that compared to the pessimists, the optimists live 19% longer. Think about it! Instead of living for 70 years, for example, you could live 80 years. Is it not worth being optimistic to live for 10 or 15 more years and spend that time to be with your loved one, to achieve your goals, to be of service to your community, and overall enjoy the one unique lifetime that you have?

Remember that to be optimistic is a choice. It is a decision you can make at any moment. That you tell yourself the challenge you are facing is limited in scope and is not going to affect your life in every which way; that you tell yourself it is controllable and, should you gain the required knowledge and skill and ask for help, you can control it; that you tell yourself it is not permanent: it is temporary, and it will not last forever.

Today is a Monday. Let’s use today as a symbol of a new beginning. Let today be the day when you CHOOSE to be optimistic ins pite of all the craziness of the world!


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