How the TOP 1% respond to CHALLENGES

How do you normally respond when you face adversity in your life? What is your normal standard response when you have challenges or problems that come in your way in your personal or professional life?

Now you see, the most successful people are different from average guy in the way they respond to challenges. They tend to view the challenges as opportunities whereas the average guy gets sad, depressed, doubtful, worrisome about future, or they may get angry and point fingers at other people and blame others for their challenge. W. Clement Stone says, “In every challenge, there is the seed of opportunity as big or even bigger.”

Let me give you an example. When COVID 19 hit, a lot of restaurant owners had to let go of their staffs, some had to downsize, and some even shut down completely. Now I have a friend, a successful restaurant owner, Mr. Mohamad Fakih who is the founder of the franchise Paramount Fine Foods. There's no denying that he was also badly hit, but he reacted differently. He actually responded courageously and inevitably to the challenge. So what he did was that he immediately pivoted and he started new-concept restaurant Downtown Toronto, where you can have basically a serverless COVID-friendly experience. So basically you go into the restaurant, there is iPad, you enter your order and there is no staff there. You wait for your order to be prepared and then you hear the beep, you go to the cubby, there are cubbies on the wall, you get your food and you either dine in or you take it away for consumption elsewhere. So basically for those people who want to enjoy going to a restaurant, he offered a new solution.

Now that’s looking at a challenge as an opportunity. So a lot of people in the restaurant business got hit severely because they were looking at it from a problem viewpoint. But Mr. Fakih was successful, because he saw the seed of opportunity in the challenge and he pivot it and adopt it to the new situation.

Now my question to you is, “Are you looking at your current challenge, the adversity that you are facing right now, as a problem or as an opportunity?” Remember, the top one percent look at challenges as opportunities.


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